4th Grade Milestone


Each grade level or multi-age grouping has a special, off campus trip that is unique to their level. These trips provide experiential learning opportunities for our learners tied to our core curriculum.

4th Grade Milestone

Age of Sail Overnight

Cost: $91

Two groups:

Group A: May 15-16 2018, Tuesday-Wednesday  (Courtney and Dar’s 4th graders)

Group B: May 21-22 2018  (Elysha/Lale and Heidi/Anke’s 4th graders)

Age of Sail Scenario

The year is 1906, and the students, or “lads,” are immersed in an eighteen hour journey through the past. As “green” hands on their overnight stint aboard a historic vessel, they must learn to step lively and gain the necessary skills to set sail on the evening tide.

Under the watchful eyes of the ship’s officers, crews receive their orders and are expected to carry them out independently. The lads must listen carefully and utilize their resources to solve problems such as throwing a heaving line, rigging a bosun’s chair or cooking for the entire crew on a wood burning stove.


The program encourages students to develop self-confidence and self-reliance, which in turn fosters a sense of responsibility for themselves, their shipmates, and their community.

Length of Trip

18 hours

Travel Time

30 minutes


1:00 pm to 9:00 am

Chaperones (Tall Sailors)

Only 5 Tall Sailors will be allowed to attend this trip as Tall Sailors. Tall Sailors are present for safety reasons only and will not interact or engage with the learners in any way. More information on the process for applying to chaperone overnights will follow.


Carpools will be arranged

Lunch needs to be provided for the first day.  All other meals will be provided.  If your learner has special dietary restrictions please speak with Elysha during the forms collection process in the spring.


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