Field Trips 2017-2018

Field Trip Guidelines:

Field trips are an important part of your child’s educational experience here at Charter. Because of this, field trips are frequent and are based on the current curriculum. They are not “free play” days and the learners acquire an incredible amount of knowledge by going on these trips. It is a privilege to see this learning in action, plus it is a lot of fun!

Goal: Safe transport of educators, learners and parents on school sponsored field trips which ensure responsibility, accountability, safety for all participants.

Doodle Sign Ups:

Room 23: Courtney’s Class

Room 24: Elysha and Lale’s Class

Room 25: Heidi’s Class

Room 26: Darlene’s Class

Requirements for Field Trip Drivers:

Must have current drivers license and proof of insurance on file in the CLC office.

Must come to school at schedule departure time with full tank of gas and cash to cover parking and tolls. No reimbursements will be made for these costs.  If you prefer, you may turn in your receipts to count as volunteer hours for the year.  Additionally, please refrain from using cell/smart phones when chaperoning and be present for the entire trip. If you are unable to do this based on your job or personal commitments, please don’t sign up to drive.

The suggested donation amount is $xx. We rely on parent donations to make these trips happen. Any portion of the cost that is not covered by parent donations will need to be taken from our general operating fund. If it is helpful, we can accept donations in two installments.  We would like to collect first installment of $xx by September 30, 2015.  We would like to collect the second installment of $xxby January 29, 2016.  You can also make a donation in one lump sum if that is easier.

2017-2018 Field Trips:

Crestview Star Party (optional star gazing): 7:30 observing begins


All classrooms: Saturday, October 14th at Crestview Park


San Juan Bautista Mission: 

All classrooms: Tuesday, November 7th


Sanchez Adobe House:

Friday, December 8, 2017   Room 25 (Heidi/Anke)
Monday, December 11, 2017 Room 24  (Elysha/Lale)
Tuesday, December 19, 2017  Room 23  (Courtney)
Monday, January 8, 2018  Room 26 (Darlene)


Coloma Outdoor Discovery School:

All classrooms: February 13-15 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Two night overnight, 3 day program



Oakland Museum:

Room 23/26: Thursday, June 7

Room 24/25: Friday, June 8


(please see milestone pages for specifics on those trips)








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